Viser arkivet for stikkord openinnovation

• Extant research on open innovation (OI) offers no systematic insight of how and why firms differ regarding the extent to which they conduct OI activities. Whereas past theoretical contributions have focused on explaining the externalisation of R&D activities as a result of firm-external factors, we focus on explaining this externalisation as a result of firm-internal weaknesses, specifically, impediments to innovation. Using the exploration-exploitation dichotomy as our theoretical framework, we develop hypotheses on how impediments to innovation influence the breadth and depth of OI. We then test these hypotheses by using an exceptionally large and detailed data set to estimate population-averaged panel models. Our results provide support for most of the hypothesised relationships. Further, they allow to identify four `archetypes’ of firms that differ significantly regarding the breadth and depth of OI and the importance of impediments. Finally, we discuss the significance of these findings for both academics and managers. •
• This article refines virtual co-creation from a social exchange theory perspective. It looks into who participates in virtual new product development activities, why they do so, and what they expect from their participation. A study of consumers from 10 different virtual co-creation projects provides insights into what, how, and with whom consumers want to interact when engaging in virtual co-creation projects. It shows that consumers’ co-creation expectations differ along various dimensions such as the preferred interaction partner, the intensity and extent of participation, and the consumers’ motivations. This analysis identifies several types of participation motives—monetary reward, recognition, challenge, intrinsic interest, and curiosity—that help explain different consumer expectations. Participants also vary in their personal characteristics and expectations towards virtual co-creation. The article also offers practical recommendations for designing a rewarding virtual co-creation platform. •
• Starbucks’ social media team present the 10 philosophical precepts that drive the company’s social media efforts: •