Viser arkivet for stikkord innovation

• On June 16, 2010, our Launch Pad Final Four got up to demo in front of the Enterprise 2.0 Boston audience. After a live text-to-vote, courtesy of Mozes, we had our winner – congratulations Alex Moore and the folks at Baydin! •
• Service innovation and electronic word-of-mouth: is it worth listening to? The authors are listed alphabetically reflecting equal contribution to the paper. The authors acknowledge the generous support provided by the three sponsoring companies and the grant offered by the Norwegian Research Council. •
• There is currently a broad awareness of open innovation and its relevance to corporate R&D. The implications and trends that underpin open innovation are actively discussed in terms of strategic, organizational, behavioral, knowledge, legal and business perspectives, and its economic implications. This special issue aims to advance the R&D, innovation, and technology management perspective by building on past and present studies in the field and providing future directions. Recent research, including the papers in this special issue, demonstrates an increasing range of situations where the concept is regarded as applicable. Most research to date has followed the outside-in process of open innovation, while the inside-out process remains less explored. A third coupled process of open innovation is also attracting significant research attention. These different processes show why it is necessary to have a full understanding of how and where open innovation can add value in knowledge-intensive processes. There may be a need for a creative interpretation and adaptation of the value propositions, or business models, in each situation. In other words, there are important implications for new and emerging methods of R&D management. •